Sobha Developers organizes ‘Home Truths- Live Demo’, a consumer awareness initiative

Sobha Developers organizes ‘Home Truths- Live Demo’, a consumer awareness initiative

Sobha Developers Ltd., South India’s largest and one of India’s leading real estate companies, has always been known for their high standard of quality, customer centricity and transparency in all spheres of business. All these have contributed in augmenting Sobha’s thought leadership process and setting quality benchmarks in the real estate sector.
The company organized ‘Home Truths - Live Demo’ - a pioneer event that strived to educate the discerning consumer on the best practices that embodies a Sobha Home and the impact it has on the quality and longevity of perhaps, the most crucial investment made by a person during his lifetime.
The event, a first-of-its-kind by any real estate company in the country till date was hosted at Sobha Forest View, off Kanakapura Road.
As part of the live demo, crucial components like block work, plastering, tiling, under-tile waterproofing, wood work, metal fabrication work and block paver laying were capably demonstrated by Sobha’s German master craftsmen. Germany as a nation is the epitome of quality consciousness. It is for this precise reason that Sobha employs German craftsmen and judiciously capitalises their subject expertise in all parameters of execution. Through the workshop, the consumers were not only able to absorb the novel techniques of construction, but were also content knowing the various facets that go behind the scene in building an ideal home.
The blocks for the block work at Sobha are manufactured in-house in a fully automated factory. An interesting feature of these blocks used at Sobha projects is that, they are engineered in a way that makes running of the electrical conduit easier, thus reducing the overall weight of the structure. Contrary to popular belief, Sobha demonstrated that plastering is a delicate process that demands expertise in a very specific set of skills. Sobha displayed its in-house manufactured doors and door frames that are a staple in every Sobha home. Consumers were amused and pleasantly surprised over the fact that a fully grown man can actually apply full pressure on a door handle without causing any damage whatsoever. Prior to the tiling process at Sobha, each tile is checked properly for shade, texture and size variation so as to ensure an impactful tile finish, which is a key constituent that adds to the visual appeal of a home. Sobha’s paving slabs manufactured at its in-house concrete products division contribute a great deal of aesthetic appeal in concrete paving, integrated with assured durability. The event showcased Sobha’s unique backward integration and highlighted the quality driven process that enables Sobha to emerge as a top leader in the real estate and construction space.
Commenting on this unique initiative, Mr. J C Sharma, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Sobha Developers, said, “It has always been our constant endeavour to delight our customers with high quality products and innovative approach. Today we showed exactly how Sobha homes are built through a live demo. A home holds a lot of sentiment for the owner, and to perceptibly get a look and feel of the essential mechanism that completes a home, certainly provides a sense of conviction that right products have been implemented.”
Through this initiative Sobha provided their patrons with a wide knowledge about the finer details of a finished product which are generally not observable. The event exhibited the Company’s proficient construction procedure while educating the consumer on the best practices that can ensure a truly hassle free home for generations to keep.