Vinyl Tubes Private Limited

913, International Trade Tower,
Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019
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Welcome to Vinyl Tubes Vinyl Tubes Pvt. Ltd is a leading brand from India in field of uPVC Column Pipes & Tubes for Water Distribution. We produce PVC pipe for various application like uPVC Column pipes / uPVC Riser Pipes for Bore Well pumps, SWR Pipes for Drainage water, uPVC pipe for Irrigation & Electrical wiring and Plumbing pipes. The Journey for company started since 1941 with activities in irrigation which then grew to form water distribution & piping hub at Mathura in North of India. This ISO 9001 certified factory produces uPVC Column Pipe / uPVC Riser pipe / Drop pipe and Casing pipe & Screens for Bore hole application, Pressure Pipe for on land irrigation, SWR pipes for Sewage & Drainage Handling. Plumbing pipes and Pipe fitting of for various pipes.
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